Saturday, 31 October 2009

Fungi in Oversley Wood

Oversley Wood is one mile south of Alcester, and was once part of the southern end of the Forest of Arden. I spent some time up there this morning taking pics of Fungi. I was particularly looking for Fly Agarics, but did not come across any. Maybe it is the wrong time of year?. I did manage to find these, I am really not sure of the IDs so any help would be really appreciated, but this is what I think they are. The top two pics are possibly False Chanterelle (Hygrophoropsis Durartiaca), the next one I think is Fairy Inkcap (Coprinus disseminatus) and the last two I am pretty sure are Magpie Inkcap (Coprinospsis Picacea).

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Have not had much time lately, with one thing and another, but I did manage to get out today. I was quite pleased with this pic of a Chaffinch, I liked the colours in the background. A very blustery day today, making photography difficult, but I did get some nice views of Mallards in flight as night fell.