Friday, 29 October 2010

Kingfisher flight

Well this should be interesting, I will be intrigued to hear peoples views on this pic, but first off all I will explain how it came about. I have had a few days off so I managed to get out with the camera a bit, nothing much was happening on the reserve, but while on the way back home I heard the high pitched peep of a Kingfisher as it shot past me downstream. So I waited there hoping it would come back the other way, sure enough after a little while it flashed past again. This was the resulting shot, as I just could not pan fast enough to keep up with it. At first I just disregarded this shot as rubbish, but after looking at it again on the computer and boosting the contrast a little I began to think again,as this was actually just as I saw it, a vibrant flash of blue. So I thought I would post it and see if people liked it or loathed it.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

House Sparrows

I have been looking through some old files on my computer, trying to organise my pics a little better, and I came across this file which for some reason I had not used. I think the image is good enough to show, so have decided to include it. I know it is a only a pic of House Sparrows, but according to the R.S.P.B.they are becoming much less common, Some research suggests that there has been as much as a 50 per cent decline since 1990. So we should enjoy them while we can!.