Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Grass Snake.

( Image best viewed large )
This pic was taken about two weeks ago, again I have found it very hard to get any really good shots as the head always seems to be hidden in the undergrowth. Just lately they seem to have done a disappearing act, I have not seen one since this pic was taken, despite the heatwave where I thought I might find some basking. Perhaps there has been too much disturbance lately, moving them elsewhere?.

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  1. hey Colin,

    first of all your photo are really amazing, but could you tell me were about you see these beautiful snake as I am very interested in them. Reptiles are a big part of my life but I have never seen any of Britain's native species and would really love to.


    p.s. the reason you did see them after this photo is probably because its summer and they don't hag around long because they don't need as much time in the sun to get to the right temperature


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