Monday, 1 February 2010

Pigeon post

Or a post about a pigeon!. This Wood pigeon was actually photographed the same day as the Squirrels in the last post, but I have been unsure whether to post this or not. The thing is there wasn't anything remotely challenging about taking this pic, in fact I could have probably have reached out and touched this Pigeon, it was being so docile. But having looked at them again I do like the colouring, especially the iridescent green on the neck. Maybe it is too easy to overlook the commonplace, instead of fully appreciating what we are seeing.


  1. As we say up here in Lancashire the pictures are
    (Bob On).... meaning excellent.

  2. This is a great pair of pictures, Colin! It is a beautiful illustration of iridescence as affected by the angle of light. In the first photo the iridescence extends more than twice as far as in the second photo. The only difference I can detect in the photos is that the pigeon moved its head, thus changing the angle at which the light struck the iridescent feathers. And besides, that is just one pretty pigeon portrait!



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