Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Enthusiasm or lack of it

I haven't posted anything for a little while , I have been struggling to find enthusiasm for photography down at the nature reserve lately. So to rekindle my interest I have taken a little break and been concentrating on other things. I have had a go at Band photography for a friend's rock band, and have covered a couple of their gigs. Also I have been playing around with some black & white portraiture. I have really enjoyed doing something different, but have felt the need to start posting on here again. Today I took a walk up Oversley Wood just out side Alcester and found these pics, I am not totally sure of the ID on the Fungi but I think it is Beefsteak Fungi. If any one knows I would be grateful. Also I came across this unseasonable Foxglove obviously confused by this warm weather. UPDATE I have just looked at the Fungi ID websites and now think that this one could be Blushing Bracket (Daedaleopsis confragosa)

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  1. Welcome back, as usual your composition is simple but eye catching.


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