Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Squirrels plus Wren

I managed to get down to the reserve for a couple of hours this morning, once again a beautiful morning after a frosty start. lots of squirrels about today, I managed to get several shots in nice light, so I was pleased with that. Also found another Wren busy hunting insects in the dry grasses.
I got slightly closer than on my last attempt at photographing them, but I would still like to get closer still. maybe next time.


  1. The light in the squirrel photos is magic. Great shots.

  2. Can you imagine to climb down a tree head first? What a strange feeling it would have to be but for the squirrels it's obviously a piece of cake. The photos are really nice.

  3. Great wren shots, particularly on the earlier day's blog. You must have been following it around quite a bit to get so many different photos. http://beyondmygarden.blogspot.com/


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