Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cold Comfort Wood

Cold Comfort Wood is a mainly Oak & Hazel wood, situated on the outskirts of Alcester. Passing through Cold Comfort Wood, is part of the Monarchs Way, a 615 mile, long distance footpath, which is supposed to closely follow the route of Charles the second's escape after his defeat at the battle of Worcester in 1651.
I spent a couple of hours looking around, mainly for opportunities to photograph fungi. I came across what I believe to be Shaggy Parasol Fungi (macrolepiota procera), although I may be wrong as there are several lookalikes. I photographed one specimen close up, and then another trying to show it in it's environment. On the way back to the car I noticed a clump of Fairy inkcap ( I Think) on a stump in the middle of the footpath. Again I took a close up and then an environmental shot. Once again if anybody disagrees with my fungi ID's I am happy to get feedback.


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