Friday, 17 July 2009

Its raining Again

Well it's raining again in the Midlands, although not as bad as the Northeast seems to be getting it. At least the dampness brings the Snails out. I always think they are very photogenic, and at least they don't move very quickly Lol.
I think I have the I.D. right on this one, but if anybody disagrees please let me know.


  1. We've also copped a bucketful down here on the IoW today, Colin. Let's hope for brighter weather on the weekend. Nice shot of the gastropod - the shell is like a piece of decorated bone china, only better!

  2. Nice photo, Colin. Sorry i can`t help/agree with the id. I`m hopeless a snails.

  3. Can't help with the ID Colin, but it's a pretty snail whatever its name! Think we've had it a bit dryer down in the south but there's much more wet stuff to come this week! Sadly!! Where's summer?


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