Saturday, 12 September 2009

Brief encounter

I was obviously a bit premature on my last post, thinking that summer was over, as this last week has been absolutely glorious, with today being no exception, it has a been beautiful day here in Alcester.
I went down to the reserve this afternoon, but it was far to busy with dog walkers & kids to be any good for nature photography. So I decided to walk along the River Arrow in the opposite direction towards Studley. It was much better, with only one other person seen in a couple of miles of walking.
Because of the warm weather there was still the odd butterfly showing, and I managed to get a couple of decent shots of a Green Veined White.
Whilst I was sat near the waters edge enjoying the peace & quiet, I heard a rustling in the Balsam on the opposite bank and thought that a Moorhen would be responsible, but to my surprise an old dog Fox appeared and laid down on the pebbles near the waters edge obviously sunning himself. I managed to get a couple of shots by turning the autofocus off so as not to spook him. But unfortunately he was nearly obscured by vegetation, so I decided to stand up slowly and get a shot, but unfortunately this spooked him and he was off.
It was a shame I did not get a decent pic,but I was extremely chuffed with a brief, but memorable encounter.


  1. Great pic of the green-veined white Colin! Shame about the fox hiding from you but at least you got a shot; birds and beasties never pose as we should wish them too!

  2. It sounds like you had as brief a meeting with you fox as a I did with the one I saw just over the fence from my garden some months ago. It was exciting though.

  3. What a great blog you have got going here. Your encounter with the fox will probably be something you will never forget.

  4. A cracking Green Veined White, Colin.
    Well spotted with the fox. I think an experience like this is more important than the photo, but you got him anyway!


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